The Best Way to Travel With Small Kids

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When you think of the word, “Vacation,” what do you immediately think about? It’s relaxation, right? For some families, a vacation sounds more of a hassle than a fun holiday trip. Traveling with infants and young kids usually means that you will have more baggage than just a few suitcases. Juggling diaper bags, strollers, and toddlers can make even short vacations feel like they turn into a stressful ordeal.

Kids playing in the woods

While parents of young children may opt for a staycation to avoid the trouble, resort accommodations are homes away from homes. Vacationing at a resort may be the best way to travel with small kids. Condo-style suites complete with full kitchens and laundry facilities make vacations with kids as simple as being at home.

Resorts Have Full Kitchens

Every parent knows the struggle of taking kids to restaurants. Children at dining establishments can be unpredictable and tedious from high chairs and booster seats to fussy eaters and food flingers.

Infants and toddlers are messy and louder than most establishments prefer. But what can parents do when they are on vacation? Meals at condo-style resorts are more leisurely. Just like at home, parents can make their kids favorites, and kids can eat at their own pace. 

Even if kids are well behaved, options at finer establishments are less kid-friendly. Adult meals for fussy eaters cost parents whether they eat or push food around on a plate. Couples can order out from fine local favorites and still enjoy family dinners together sitting at the in-suite dining table. 

Some family members are midnight snackers and like to grab a quick bite before bed or have a glass of milk to fall back asleep. Stocking a full-size refrigerator with family favorites can keep nightly rituals without the interruption of staying in accommodations with limited amenities. 

All families like cutting costs and keeping a vacation budget low is a breeze with a full kitchen — three meals a day at restaurants for a family of four costs hundreds in just a few days. Resort guests can shop locally and avoid pricey dining options. 

resort upgraded kitchen

Resorts Have Laundry Facilities

Having a washer and drying in the unit or on the floor is a convenient way to reduce the luggage weight. Instead of packing for each day of the vacation, resort owners and guests can do a mid-vacation load of laundry to double vacation wear in half the space. 

Kids and stains go together like jelly on a fresh shirt. Instead of packing four or five outfits per day for each child, use the laundry units available. This can also prevent stains from setting into fabrics. 

Make your first day home better! Doing laundry before heading home means unpacking clothes back into closets and dressers.  

Resort in unit Laundry washer and dryer

Resorts Have Onsite Amenities

Although resorts are located in hot tourist spots like Orlando and Las Vegas, the onsite amenities make staying on the property a natural choice. Check out the choice resort options, the features they offer guests, and the great vacation deals available now! 

Orlando, Florida

Vacation Village at Parkway has several great amenities to keep families entertained on property. The resort has poolside activities for fans of water at some of the pools – there are seven heated swimming pools and seven hot tubs. Your kids will love them, as well as their two children’s pools and splash areas. 

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the barbeque grills, picnic areas, and nearby nature trails. And, the children’s playground and arcade room are family favorites! 

Vacation Village sign over a bridge

Here are some of the current Orlando packages available, with the option to upgrade to a 1-bedroom suite at Vacation Village at Parkway:

  • 3 nights PLUS 2 Disney theme park tickets – $199 
  • 4 nights PLUS 2 Universal Studios Florida™ tickets – $299
  • 5 nights PLUS 4 SeaWorld® Orlando tickets – $399 

South Florida

Vacation Village at Weston is near the tourist hot spot, Fort Lauderdale and it is a great location for young families. Parents and kids both love the refreshing poolside smoothie bar and activities. The resort also has a special shallow pool for children.

Kiddie Pool

With a gift shop, deli, and complimentary shuttle service within 5 miles of the property, parents staying at Vacation Village at Weston can conveniently pick up groceries and items needed for the perfect family trip! 

Check out these South Florida deals, all of which include a 1-bedroom suite at Vacation Village at Weston:

  • 3 nights PLUS a $100 Visa gift card – $99 
  • 3 nights PLUS a $200 Visa gift card – $199
  • 4 nights PLUS a $200 Visa gift card – $299

Las Vegas, Nevada

Although Sin City doesn’t seem like a family-friendly location, the entertainment capital of the world has fun (and free) options for couples with young children. Kids love watching the routine Mirage Erupting Volcano and the Bellagio Fountain Show.

Families get an up-close experience with aquatic life and wildlife at the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat and Shark Reef Aquarium. For an extra special surprise, head to the Silverton Casino for a live mermaid show! 

Here are the Las Vegas vacation packages we offer with accommodations in a 1-bedroom suite at The Berkley, Las Vegas included:

  • 3 nights PLUS a $100 Visa gift card – $99 
  • 3 nights PLUS two Cirque du Soleil tickets – $129 
  • 4 nights PLUS two Cirque du Soleil tickets – $179 
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