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Tips for Parents Working While on Vacation

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The last few months of this pandemic have changed how – and specifically where – workers conduct business as usual. Working from home is a new experience for many parents, and telecommunications come with both pros and cons.

One of the biggest perks of the work-from-home life is the ability to not work at home, physically. Let’s be more clear so you can better understand. As long as employees and employers have an internet connection, any location anywhere can be used as their office. 

Computer Time

From coffee shops to libraries to being poolside at one of the resorts’ pools, personnel can connect with one another while almost anywhere in the world. For vacation timeshare owners, this means they can take advantage of their home away from home while getting paid. 

Some may point out that a disadvantage of remote working is distraction. Spouses, children, and pets are walking interrupters, and resort owners may worry about breaking healthy working habits while on vacation. However, resort timeshare owners can have peaceful privacy in their own suites as their families enjoy the amenities onsite. 

Check out the tips below that will help parents stay productive as they work while taking their annual family vacation. Feel free to use some of these tips at home too!

Take Advantage of the Resort

Resorts are packed with pools, game rooms, movie theaters, and more! All perfect for keeping your family entertained while you take your Zoom meetings and converse with coworkers. 

Let your spouse and kids enjoy the resort’s amenities while you take care of business in your suite. Resort suites are equipped with Wi-Fi, a living room, a dining table with chairs, and some may even have spacious balconies or patios. You will have everything you need in a suitable working environment. Extra space from your family’s disruptions makes it easier to do your job too. 

Or, join your family and work poolside or in any of the other common areas. A change of scenery can invigorate you with new creative ideas! Keep an eye on the bottom line and on your kids laughing and playing!

The business center is another great resort amenity and location to work at while on vacation. Keep your laptop and equipment at home and use the facility’s computers, printers, and speedy internet. It’s also a secluded area that allows you to work in peace. Use the additional devices to keep the kids busy while you check on emails and return correspondence.

Business Center

Set Working Blocks

The best way to stay focused on the task at hand – whether in a meeting or spending quality time with family – is to manage your time effectively. Set up specific time blocks for work and play.

Arrange working hours that fit with your family’s schedule. Work in the evenings if you have kids who wake with the sun and tire themselves out early. Naptime is also a catch-up time for parents who need sleeping kids for important calls. Or, greet the workday early if you have late-rising teenagers. 

Take turns with your spouse spending time with the kids so the other can work. Alternating caretaking also means each gets a break from both work and home responsibilities. Try to schedule any meetings, important projects, and phone or video calls during this time.   

Family Blowing Bubbles

The important aspect of setting blocks is that your family is aware of when you’re working. Spouses and kids alike can interrupt work mode for small things simply because they forget that you’re working. To make it easy for young kids and absentminded partners, put on something distinctive like a hat or scarf as a visual reminder.

Set Playtime

Plan activities for your family that interweaves work and playtime. Since all of our Vacation Village Resorts properties have family-fun amenities, organize your workday to mix with the day’s events. 

Start the morning by making breakfast with the family in the in-suite kitchen so you can get quality time in before your morning meeting. The morning is a good time to review the day’s schedule with your kids. 

Then, have your family prepare for an entertaining morning on or near the resort. Here are some of the amenities you can enjoy at our resorts: 

Amusement Park

Prepare Snacks & Meals in Advance

If your kids aren’t asking for attention and entertainment, they may just want something to eat or drink. Use the fully equipped kitchen in your suite to prep snacks and meals your family can grab on the go. Put single-serving snacks in Ziploc bags and juice boxes in easy-to-reach locations. 

Prepping snacks and meals also cuts down on time away from work. Meal prepping at the beginning of your vacation reduces time spent making meals or going out to restaurants later in the week. 

If you are less inclined to cook and meal prep on a working vacation, use the refrigerator and microwave to store and reheat deliveries and leftovers. Some timeshare resorts have onsite delis and convenient stores available, so older kids and spouses can pick up snacks without disturbing your workday. 

Talk to Your Boss

Be honest with your employer and coworkers. Working remotely requires a lot of adjustments, especially with children in the home. Since this is a community issue, employers are more understanding of changes to schedules and environments. Your boss or supervisor may even have recommendations of how you can continue to be a productive team member while enjoying your much-needed family vacation!

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