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Nothing is more important than family, and getting together for reunions are a great way to keep everyone close and foster intergenerational relationships. At family reunions, you share and preserve traditions and heritage as well as create family memories.

Although technology allows you to stay connected remotely, the in-person connections are more profound and long-lasting. Social media is a way to share information and experiences with your family, but communication is more than liking a cousin’s post.

If you want to build family unity, then plan an unforgettable celebration that your family will want to repeat every year at a beautiful resort! Resorts usually offer spacious accommodations with multiple bedrooms or even connecting bedrooms. There will be enough space for all of your loved ones. You will also be able to establish bonding activities and making the best reunion for the most important people in your life, your family.

Family walking in the park

Best Locations for Family Reunions

You may be considering hosting a get-together at your house or another relative’s home. However, a limited number of bathrooms and physical space can make your family feel more cramped than comfy.

Imagine your aunts and uncles, lined up down the hall for the restroom and your nieces and nephews climbing over furniture to get from one end of the house to the other. While you want to enjoy the time with your distant relatives, you also want enough relative distance for personal privacy.

Likewise, most homes cannot accommodate large groups overnight, much more multiple nights. Unless you have several guest bedrooms, chances are that some people will be uncomfortable squeezing into limited sleeping arrangements.

Family reunions set in hotels and resorts can lodge prominent families easily without members feeling like they are on top of one another. Families can book an entire floor of rooms to remain close. Plus, specific locations have lock-off units, which means one portion of a suite includes a bedroom and bathroom while the other has more space and features a kitchen, living room, and dining room.

For instance, Vacation Village at Parkway in Orlando has lock-out units, so families can still have privacy in the same suite. Lock-out units are especially cost-efficient for reunions since couples and big or small immediate families can share a suite.

Shared Suite

Putting the Fun in Family Function

These resort venues also have conference or meeting rooms and shared spaces, so your family will have plenty of room for socializing, games, and more. Similarly, resorts are located near attractions and commerce and offer services that enhance any vacation. For instance, families can take advantage of shuttles to local destinations, such as grocery stores and theme parks.

The Berkley, Las Vegas, is a great place to set your next family reunion since it’s in the heart of the world’s entertainment capital. Your family will make memories while seeing some of the best shows in the world and experiencing thrilling adventures like seeing the Grand Canyon or riding the heart-pounding rides on The Strat.

If you want to promote fun for your whole family, then resorts are a budget-friendly option. From young to senior, your family will have plenty of free activities at holiday resorts, including swimming pools, game rooms, and mini-golf.

Vacation Village at Williamsburg in Virginia has several fun and free features and amenities. It has a heated indoor pool, an outside pool, a children’s pool, and a hot tub. There is also a spa, game room, and fitness center. Families also have access to pickleball, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. And, nothing says “family reunion” better than the barbeque grills and picnic tables.

Whichever resort location you select for your upcoming family reunion or celebration, we know it will be wildly unforgettable. Be sure to get the best vacation deals for you and your family, too. 

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